Sunday, October 19, 2008

Very strange

Well my poll just went from
McCain 4 Obama 3 to
McCain 4 Obama 43...

Wtf? xD
That doesn't seem very accurate since I really don't have that many readers. lol Someone spiked the ballot box I guess. lol haha Oh well, I'm not realy sure how it did that. I hardly think I got 40+ visitors here since I checked it last night. So a big FUCK YOU to whoever wasn't happy with my blog of opinions and told all their lil Obama Kool-Aid drinkers to come over and vote, just to piss me off.

Guess what, I'm not mad. It's quite funny, that you came to my blog and didn't like it sooo much that you had to tank my poll with inaccurate votings. Because unless by some miracle my blog became sooo well known out there in less than a day then these are not accurate readings.


JustAnotherIndependent said...
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JustAnotherIndependent said...

Have you ever given much thought that perhaps there are more Obama supporters around than you thought there were? Especially since the election was yesterday where everyone had to base their final decision. I'm neither a republican nor a democrat. I consider myself an Independent just as you say you are. To be honest I'm not in total agreement with either electoral candidates and didn’t even bother voting this year. But in all seriousness… did you have to go to that racial comment right there and call everyone who supports Obama a Kool-Aid drinker? I’m not even African-American and took offense to that. I’ve drank Kool-Aid in my lifetime.
PS. I believe being Hispanic puts me under a Minority correct? FYI: I am an Independent not a Democrat.