Monday, October 20, 2008

ACORN Voter Fraud = So Funny

I found the full version of the video I posted at the end of this post and added it, so be sure to watch it. ^^

Well folks, this is hillarious. Simply hillarious!
I just spent a good portion of my day reading about the whole voter fraud that has been found in 15 states so far. And guess what? I found ACORN mentioned in nearly every report that I read. It was even in my newspaper, the Arizona Republic. Simply awesome.

Here are a few links to the reports that I read:
On the Trail - Washington Post

CRL Testimony on ACORN's Voter Fraud - Market Watch

Vote-Fraud-Go-G0 - New York Post

Voter Fraud Watch - Fox News
(Yeah you all hate it, blah blah)

Funds Misappropriated at 2 Nonprofit Groups - New York Times

Those are just a few places I found the report on. There are many others, nearly every news station should be talking about it, but they might not because alot of them are for Obama and that would just be wrong to spread news or talk about something that makes Obama look bad. So horrible indeed!

Anyway, I lost my train of thought...Oh, got it back!
So Obama denies his involvement with ACORN, that doesn't make sense when there is evidence to say otherwise. Obama defended ACORN in court and he's given them money, quite a bit of it actually in the past.
And in turn ACORN supports Obama for predident 100%.
Obama has trained some of their employees. Obama's site denies that, ACORN's site denies that, and the Democratic party denies it also. But of course all three of them will deny it, THEY ARE THE ACCUSSED. lol Obama may not have worked for ACORN, but he sure as hell helped them out in other ways.

Here are a couple of videos from the news station CNN. I generally don't watch this station, but these clips caught my eyes and every liberal and democrat I talk to say that I really should stop quoting Fox, so here ya' go.

This video shows Obama at the end. This one is mostly about the voter registration fraud and how ACORN is behind it.

Though in my opinion, voter registration fraud and voter fraud are the SAME thing. There really isn't any real big difference. Because if you don't catch the registration fraud then it turns into actual voter fraud. And that is what this is really all about. If Obama wants to win this election then he should do so without the help of ACORN and it's phoney registered voters. Registering dead people, fictional people, and duplicates of already registered voters is a no-no.

And here is one last sign off video, because I loved it oh so much when I watched it while looking for those CNN videos. <3


Anonymous said...

You're really a good citizen, getting so involved in the whole process. And me, such a loser, I've lost all my enthusiasm (overworked?). It's good there are people like you.

Wendy said...

Serious?(so hard to tell because it's text >.<) Thank you if you are being serious. =) I just recently started getting involved because this election is so important. I think at least.

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I'm serious. Democracy needs involvement, right?

Wendy said...

Oh cool. Yes, it definetly does.