Thursday, October 16, 2008

Political Stupidity

Don't every try to debate with a liberal. It's much easier to debate with a democrat or republican, they at least have some brain cells. Liberals seem to only be able to think one way and they don't want to try and see the other POV because it's not what they like.

I've been debating with a few liberals on this one forum I go to frequently, and I must say, they are all loonies.
No matter what facts you present to them, if it goes against what they believe they don't want to hear about it. It's always wrong, they are always right and it's never their fault.

I don't really understand this way of thinking, because I have been proven wrong a few times and I do admit when I'm proven wrong. But it's like you prove these guys wrong they get mad and start pointing the blame finger at some other person. Enyone but themselves. Very sad to see that Americans have become so lazy and so nieve that they don't want to take responsibility for anything, and they don't want to do research on anything anymore. Why?? Why is it that Americans have gotten so lazy and so nieve that they won't do research and just believe what is told to them from their political party.

Just cause you are a democrat doesn't mean you have to vote democrat.
And just because you are a republican doesn't mean you have to vote republican.

Thank for yourselves, do your own research, and vote for the person that will help the country most. Not just in one issue, but most of them.

And to those who will vote for Obama because he is black and don't want to be labled a racist.
You are a moron.

Peace out~

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