Tuesday, December 2, 2008

FactCheck.org + Others are Not Reliable Sources of Information

Alrighty people, here I go again!
The topic for this post is:

Why FactCheck.org and Various other sources are Unreliable

Why is it unreliable? Well because it is owned and funded by the Annenberg Foundation. It even says so on it's website banner. Why is the Annenberg Foundation bad? Well, because our soon-to-be President, Barack Obama, was a first chairman for the Annenberg Chicago Challenge, part of the Annenberg Foundation.

Now, that may indirectly connect him to FactCheck.org. But indirect or not, they have a motive to support and disapprove any bad stuff about Mr. soon-to-be President.

FactCheck.org is used by many people to prove information. Same as Wikipedia and Snopes. All of which I try very hard not to refer to as reliable sources of important information, because they are not real sources for information.

Wikipedia is a site run by mostly nerds. Most of their information is donated by anyone who can access the site. It's a free online encyclopedia with alot of information on it. And while it can be very useful, I would not always refer to it as the most correct source of information. I would use it to look for basic information about a certain person. But I wouldn't just go by what it has to say about whatever or whoever if I'm looking for a good solid information source.

Snopes.com has no background that I can find. I spent almost the last hour looking for a background on them, and could not find anything about who founded it, who runs it, or when it really started. If one cannot find the background info on a source for information then why would one want to use it as an informative source? So snopes.com does not pass my standards for reliable, unbias, true information on important issues.

I already listed why FactCheck.org is unreliable, because they are indirectly involved with Obama. But I'll go into detail on it, just for all you liberals reading this. ^_~*wink*

Aside from their indirect connection with Obama, they also support him. They have supported him by "trying" to clear him of all accusations regarding his citizenship and his birth records. They did an investigation on his birth records and took pictures of his Certificate of Live Birth. Now, I have said this before but I'm going to say it again, because it doesn't seem to really stick. A Certificate of Live Birth is NOT, in any way, shape or form, a Birth Certificate. Anybody can get one. Only a U.S. BORN Citizen can obtain a real, legal, Birth Certificate.

A Certificate of Live Birth does NOT have alot of information on it. It does NOT have the signatures of both parents on it. And it is NOT a Birth Certificate. An immigrant that has obtained full citizenship can obtain a Certificate of Live Birth. They won't be able to obtain a U.S. issued Birth Certificate though.

Now, FactCheck.org did an investigation on this whole conspiracy. They took photos of Obama's Certificate of Live Birth, and they got statements from the officials of Hawaii stating that they have his birth records. But, if they were seriously serious about proving that Obama is in fact an actual U.S. born citizen, then why not just get proof that his actual Birth Certificate is real? Instead of his Certificate of Live Birth. (which, btw, they were only able to obtain photos of a Certification of Live Birth. So it's not even a Certificate. It's just a document that says he was born)
If they wanted to disprove all the allegations against him, they should have obtained photos of his Birth Certificate, and demanded it be shown and not locked up. Having his Birth Certificate locked up raises suspicion and why. And that is what is biting him in the ass right now. Why is he hiding them? Because he is afraid of what we will find out. That is why.

Here is a video about Obama's Birth Certificate, and how it is a forgery.

He goes into detail on how the document is a forgery. But regardless if this is true or not, I really don't care. All I care about if his Birth Certificate. If Obama can obtain and supply his Certificate of Live Birth, he can obtain and supply his Birth Certificate to the American people. That is all this is about. Show it to us and we will drop this issue.

Doesn't mean we will recognize you as our next president, respect you as our next president, or support you as our next president. But we will recognize you as an actual U.S. born citizen, instead of a con artist that is lying to his country.

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