Friday, November 14, 2008

Recap - Our New President!

Okay I m back after a few weeks break from blogger. =)
I've actually joined an online community called SodaHead and I really like it alot! ^^! So many different people on there with sooo many different opinions and views on thing! I almost forgot I had this blog actually. haha

Anyway, here is my review on our new President, Barack Obama.

He's president now, woop-de-fucking- do. Now what can we look forward to? Well, alot actually! --If you're a far leftist that likes socialism and some communism mixed in there. ;D

Abortion Ban Lifts
Well, we all know that Obama is against bans on abortion. So we can all look forward to more abortions in the United States. That's right! All you pro-life people, Obama is saying Fuck You! If that baby ain't born yet you can have an abortion. So if you get pissed off at your husband, or find out he cheated on you during your pregnancy then you can have that abortion in the 9th month of your pregnancy. Isn't that great?! Of course it is! Because it's what Obama is for. RIGHT?!!

Civilian Slavery
A.K.A. Civilian force. If you don't know what it is, you abviously didn't take history in school because nearly every history class does a skit on Hitler. And as we all know, Hitler was into the whole young force of training civilians in military manners. If you still don't know what I'm talknig about I'll lable it in idiot terms. YOU WILL BE FORCED TO TAKE BOOT CAMP AND LEARN BASIC MILITARY PRACTICE SO YOU CAN SERVE OUR COUNTRY IF NEED BE. You will NOT be allowed to say no to it. You will NOT be allowed other options. You WILL be required to at least do 50 jumping jacks. I feel sorry for all you fat kids out there. LOL
(i.e. Say goodbye to the 1st amendment right)

Gun Control
Obama may not say it in so many words, but he is against guns. Even though his VP has a gun. That actually makes no sense. But his hands will stay clean. He'll just hire people to do the dirty work for him and have them put the ban on guns. He'll just have to sign the bill. Do a little research on the success of all gun control in other countries. I bet you won't find much good results come from that act. Crime rate actually increases when the general public is not able to defend itself. Don't believe me? You're an idiot. Get off my blog. ♥

Fairness Doctrine Reinstatement
Yup, that's right. Those who don't know what it is go look it up. Or refer to the above statement and get off my blog. ♥

Yes, Obama does not say he will support this doctrine. But seriously people, do you honestly think he'll go against his party, who so much want this doctrine back in power? I think not, and if you think so..well you know what I'm going to say. lol Having this back in power will restrain freedom of speech. No more conservative radio or tv. How's that for squashing the 1st amendment.

I probably could think of more things to thank Obama for, but I think I've had my fill for now.
Tune in next time! When I will share even MORE of my awesome opinions on everything under the sun. *bows*


Kibs said...

I especially like how pretty soon we won't even be able to express our opinions on these blogs.

Oh and gun control, let me just elaborate on that, gun control takes away every registered gun, but unregistered illegally owned guns that the government don't know about that are in the hands of the criminals?

Let's take away the guns from the good people (police, civilians) and leave them in the hands of the bad people. Good idea!

Not to mention he's going to raise taxes on people who earn their money and give the benefits of those raised taxes to those who pay none, joy!

Wendy said...

Yup yup!
Non-tax payers, a.k.a. lazy asses on welfare, will get all the benefits on the backs of the working Americans. Isn't that great?! *cough*

And I actually think that the police will be allowed to have guns. But how long does it take the police to get to a 911 call? I hardly think the people who called it will still be alive when they reach them.
Completely moronic.