Sunday, November 2, 2008

More on Obama's Birth Records

Watch this, it's something that I only found because of someone else told me about it.
There is an attorney filing a suit against Obama on the grounds that he is lying about his birth records. Here are all the videos, in order:

Why isn't this on the news?!! I have been following the news for the last few months and I haven't seen this at all. Not even Fox news has this, or is covering it. This is insane. If there was a petition to pospone the election then I would be one of the people to sign it. Obama needs to provide his Birth Certificate not a certificate of live birth, they are NOT the same.


Kibs said...

well in a perfect world him, and his entire election campaign would be deemed disqualified, meaning that the presidency would default to McCain, but the only thing we can really hope to actually see from this would be Obama dethroned, but Biden put in his place. However, since this is such a stupid country, even if he was found ineligible for the presidency they'd simply say "oops, too late"

Wendy said...

They still have to obide by the law. I seriously doubt that the American public would simply turn the other cheek if they thought their president could get away with this kind of thing. Even Clinton, one of the most 'adored' presidents of our time, was slammed with commiting a crime. There would be a riot if they simply said 'oops' to Obama. lol